Breakdown service also possible with MAX Tailer trailers and semi-trailers
Area of use

Breakdown service & service workshop

Evacuate trucks, busses or machinery
Reliable solutions to help
Recovery service

Provide help when needed

Breakdown service & service workshop
Breakdown service & service workshop
When breakdown experts evacuate trucks, busses or machinery, clever trailer solutions are required.

When an incoming call informs you that a vehicle has broken down, time is running.

Someone is left stranded on the roadside with a broken vehicle. Often they are parked inconveniently along roads or even on motorways.

Engine problems, brake issues or technical problems can be the cause of a no longer moving car, truck or bus.

Breakdown services count on low loaders and flatbeds from MAX Trailer to recover vehicles in these awkward situations.

The repairs are done more conveniently within the workshop.   

Breakdown service & service workshop