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Discover the production sites of the Faymonville Group!

Luxembourg & Belgium

Discover the production sites of the Faymonville Group!

Manufacturing know-how … to the MAX!

Check out the high-tech manufacturing locations of the Faymonville Group where the special trailers from brands MAX Trailer, Faymonville and Cometto are produced.

There is Luxembourg, the center of technology and development on 40,000 m² including the delivery center and the logistics center for the entire group.

The Belgium site accommodates the automation in perfection on 30,000 m². It is the core plant for CNC turning, milling & drilling and there are within the halls welding robots & the entire pendle-axle production.

In Poland are working the experts for steel construction on 55,000 m². Goleniow is the MAX Trailer core plant and the main supplier for chassis.

Our Cometto site in Italy is the competence center for self-propelled vehicles and transporters for shipyards, steelworks & industry.

Date of publication: 05/2024

The Polish factory in Goleniow mainly focuses on the production of  the MAX Trailer vehicles from A to Z, as well as some  chassis structures.
The production site in Italy is specialised in the production of self-propelled modular transporters of the Cometto brand.